SparkleCity Nigeria is about ideas and innovations. Our business is Branding. We help our clients and customers manage their image and the way they are percieved by their own customers. Our services entails working with clients to develop an ideal corporate culture, solid and effective market strategy by creating a sustainable, measurable, achievable, and realistic brand Identity which helps clients develop effective communication and marketing tools. We also carry out market surveys for clients on request for customers to help determine the level of brand awareness and ultimately brand salience. SparkleCity has recently worked with the following comapnies on increasing visibility for their brands, National Centre for Woman development (NCWD – Ministry of Women Affairs), Nelsonspeaks, E-open Services, Standard Educational Book House Lagos, BS Tutors, Shac and Shea International, PortalMatters Nigeria, Standard Mandate International, Canterbury Group of Schools, Mandate Group of Schools and many others. Our BRANDING services include the following:
Strategic Brand Analysis
A Strategic brand Analysis is carried out to any the category market the brand belongs, the brand's customers and the competitors. This usually reveals the strength and weaknesses of the brand, its competitors and the expectations of the customers.

Brand Equity Audit
The Brand equity audit is necessary to determine the amount of market share the brand enjoys. It helps to ascertain the level of brand awareness and the amount of Loyalty the Brand enjoys amongst its customers. The audit will also bring to fore how customers percieve the brand in terms of quality and the brands associations.
Brand Identity Development
The “brand Identity” is a unique set of brand associations that the brand aspires to create or maintain. These associations represent what the brand stands for and imply a promise to customers from the organization. The “brand identity” helps generate credibility for the organization and helps the organization understand its basic values and purpose. Because an effective “Brand Identity” is based in part on a disciplined effort to specify the strengths, values and the vision of the brand, it will therefore provide a vehicle to communicate internally what the brand is about.
Staff Audit:
A staff audit is always necessary to determine the quality of staff and the ability of the present members of staff to align with the new found goals, target and direction of the company and be able to discharge their duties in accordance with the new values of the organization.
Brand Identity implementation:
The brand Identity implementation includes the development of marketing strategies and other brand buildong programs from the brand company's brand identity that was developed.
The interim management program is a unique package created on request from customers to help assist businesses going through managerial crisis, companies that want us to supervise the launch of a new product or the take-off of a new project, and companies that require exceptional managerial skills at a period of recovery or at start-up.