About Us

SparkleCity Nigeria Limited

SparkleCity Nigeria Limited is registered with Nigeria Corporate Affairs Commission with the registration number RC801142. We are about Ideas, Innovations and Strategy. Our frontline services are Brand Consulting, Web Solutions development, IT and training.

Our core values include Leadership, Partnership, Trust, and Innovation and our Mission is to provide cutting edge brand consulting services, well knitted in our state of the art Information technology knowhow and delivered with a touch of creativity. Our philosophy is simple “The strength of a great economy is not in the numbers of the mighty corporations but in the number of its thriving small and medium scale enterprises”. Our vision is to become the biggest supporter of small businesses and a solutions provider for businesses all around the world in the areas of IT, and Brand development, and Management by consistently turning out innovative ideas that rejuvenates the brand and increases brand equity.

SparkleCity has in times past provided brand support services to organizations and businesses in Nigeria. Our recent clients include E-open Services, Memorix International, P.D Jacobs and Associates, and BS Creative Art Studios. Our client base spans across all sectors of the economy and includes, privately owned businesses, not-for-profit organizations, religious bodies, schools, government and individuals.

Our services

SparkleCity Nigeria has been in the business of constructing and hosting websites for corporate organizations and individuals for over twelve years. We have provided quality and world class services to our clients from various fields and sectors both in Nigeria and abroad at affordable rates. At SparkleCity Nigeria, Our mission is to provide cutting edge brand building services, well knitted in our nouveau knowledge of internet technology with value for money to our customers. Our vision is to become the biggest supporter of small businesses in emerging markets and a solutions provider for businesses all around the world in the areas of IT and Brand/Business development

Our web design and development services are offered as a part of our business branding package or as a standalone service depending on the needs of the customer. It also includes development of mobile applications, desktop applications and training. Read More

SparkleCity Nigeria is about ideas and innovations. Our business is Branding. We help our clients and customers manage their image and the way they are percieved by their own customers. Our services entails working with clients to develop an ideal corporate culture, solid and effective market strategy by creating a sustainable, measurable, achievable, and realistic brand Identity which helps clients develop effective communication and marketing tools. We also carry out market surveys for clients on request for customers to help determine the level of brand awareness and ultimately brand salience. Read More
The interim management program is a unique package created on request from customers to help assist businesses going through managerial crisis, companies that want us to supervise the launch of a new product or the take-off of a new project, and companies that require exceptional managerial skills at a period of recovery or at start-up. Read More
SparkleCity Nigeria, Offers IT services in the areas of Supply of IT Equipment, Server Installations, Networking, Web Development, Web and mobile applicatons, mobile sites, Database Administration, Software Engineering, Hardware Engineering, Sales and Supply of Voice Over IP technology, sales of Voice Over IP (VOIP) phones and Cameras, sales and installation of Security Circuit cameras (CCTV) and IT Training. At SparkleCity, we are professionals with the technical knowhow and up to date skills and knowledge of what the web entails in the modern day. We keep abreast with developments and innovations in the IT World which is evident in the quality of our products and services and the testimonials of our clients and customers. Read More
Our corporate training is designed for corporate executives and managers to empower them to be able to meet up with day to day challenges of todays corporate world. It teaches Managers how to effectively manage their teams for optimal performance, How to gather usefull information that keeps them ahead of competition and act accordingly. Our corporate training programs include Project Management (CAPM, PMP), Business Analysis, Risk management training (A stand alone risk management course), Brand management and Brand Development. Our IT training institutes are located in Lagos and Ibadan. The training is open to participants of any age and discipline and it includes taining for beginners and professionals in IT. Read More